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Bringing the Fields to the Streets

The Urban Initiative was created by the Players Development Academy (PDA) during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The PDA recognizes that most participation in organized soccer within  the United States is among children who are socioeconomically advantaged. The Urban Initiative strives to bring soccer to children who would otherwise be unable to  access the sport. More players create more possibilities for the children and for the game of soccer in the US.


Bringing the Game to the Players

The goal of the Urban Initiative is to provide premier soccer turf facilities and coaching to children living in underserved urban communities throughout the state of NJ and across the nation.

Change the Game

More Fields. More players.
More possibilities...

Creating infrastructure for change. Benefiting the players and the sport.

The Urban Initiative will provide more athletes the tools necessary to develop their skills in soccer. The Urban Initiative will ultimately change the landscape of soccer in the US by creating greater socioeconomic diversity on the field.

  • Increased physical & mental wellbeing

  • Academic advancement through college scholarships—break the poverty cycle through education

  • Positive socialization / Distraction from negative influencers

  • Habit-forming outlet for athletic pursuit

  • Reduce rates of childhood obesity


  • Increased diversity and inclusion

  • Futsal improves skill levels

  • Discover elite players

  • Creates winning mentality

  • Allows for creativity

  • Increased peer accountability

New Brunswick PDA Soccer Field -1.jpg

U & I

will make an impact. 

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